Friday, March 26, 2010

Bento #26 - Leftovers bento with a touch of bunny

Todays bento isn't that spectacular since I only have some leftovers and I have to make due until we go to the market again on Saturday.

The bento contains heart shaped onigiri, a rice dish with cashews, sugarsnaps and mushrooms. Further some edamame, an apple, cucumber and a bunny shaped egg. You can't see it all that will on the pictures, but a little bit better on the closeup below.

Today I have to see if I can make a dinner bento for the boyfriends late shift from leftovers since market day is still one day away. Oh well, I manage.


  1. Sometimes leftovers make the best lunches because there's a little bit of everything! Your lunch looks good!

  2. Cute bento, ha! Mine end up what I like to eat and functional, I can't do cute :) Well maybe a little pick or summat on the side. Maybe.