Thursday, February 25, 2010

Bento #14 & #15 - Three lil bento's

Yesterday I made two bento's :) They are speedy bento's since I had a concert from Owl City in the evening and it would be late, I made them in the afternoon.

This bento is Marks. It contains yellow rice with curry, wieners, curry sauce, sweet potato flowers, cheddar cheese & laughing cow cheese. It is hard to make a bento for Mark since he doesn't like fruit at all. But he was satisfied ;)

This one is the dinner bento for the boyfriend. It contains white nasi with babi pan-gang meat, wieners & curry sauce, apple flowers, sweet potato (under the apples) and red grapes. 


When I came home, the boyfriend announced with pride that he made me a bento as well ;) Not that I have anywhere to go, but he thought it would be nice ^_^ And well I agree. I love when he tries to make a bento for me ^_^ It contains Japanese Nasi (with soy sauce, peas, egg, corn & mushrooms), apple hearts & pumpernickel bread and old cheese on a skewer.


  1. I think it's so cute that he made you a bento! Love it!! ^^

  2. How sweet that your boyfriend made a bento for you!! He did a good job. :)