Sunday, February 28, 2010

Bento #16 - Veggie lasagna bento

My boyfriend loves lasagna so when I had some leftover I put it in his bento :) I make all kinds of different lasagna's but this is a plain one with mushrooms.

In the bento there is vegetarian lasagna, some feta cheese and a salad. In the salad are lamb's lettuce, apple and cucumber hearts. There is some dressing in the bunny cup, and chocolate pocky in the lid.

When I was making pictures of the bento, I had a curious visitor sneaking by. I was just in time to prevent her from eating the tasty lasagna. Bad kitty!


  1. my kitty does the same thing. I set the box down near the window and turn my back to get something else and she's right there, ready for a bite. :)

    Love the apples & cucumbers. makes me think spring.

  2. Looks really tasty! I'd pass on the feta though, of that I'm not a fan. Cheddar or something similar would suit me better :)

  3. Bento looks great and you have Pocky!! OK ya won me over. :)