Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Bento #13 - Torchic Bento

Since it was "cook a sweet potato day" I decided to use it for something special. I spend 1.5 hours on this off and on, so I am not planning to do stuff like this every day. The boyfriend is totally into Pokemon games so I transformed the orange potato into a Torchic.


The bento contains curry with yellow rice, the curry is underneath the rice. It has broccoli and sugar-snaps in there. On top of the rice is the sweet potato & cheddar cheese Torchic. In the other tier there are meatballs in tomato sauce, red grapes, edamame and more sweet potato. Flowers on top, cutouts are tucked underneath.


And a close up from the Torchic :) I am not very good at this sort of thing that is why it looks kinda messed up at points. The Torchic I printed twice and cutout the orange and yellow bits. Next time I must make sure I cut out the whole chick as a base because cheddar cheese needs support XD I put the paper shapes on the food and traced it with a toothpick. It was actually pretty easy. I used nori for the eyes, but I don't have a cutter so I just used my paper cutter instead XD I totally want nori face cutters though!!


  1. Cute Torchic! My kids are just shouting on my back. They are Pokemon fans ;)

  2. hahhah too cute! Hey! What do you use to cut the vegetables with such lovely forms? ordinary cookie cutters or somenthing else? Please enlighten me! :)

  3. Very nice job! Charaben are hard for me, so I applaud you!