Friday, January 1, 2016

A New Year with Bento

Happy new year everyone! I will start the year with two bento that I made in December. That is right! After a long time, the bento will be back on the blog! Nick finally has a job again where he works enough hours that I can make bento for him. With him being a mail man for so long and only working a few hours a day and after that being unemployed for 9 months there wasn't much opportunity to make bento. I took one to school with me about once a month, but I often forgot to take a picture during lunchtime. But on the last school day of the year I didn't forget and Nick had two test days at his new job, so I have two bento to show you. Now Nick starts his job in a few days, he will work for three full days a week, so plenty of chances for me to make bento again.

The bento that Nick made me for school is very simple. These are tuna burgers and leftover spinach pasta from the day before. I always order soup at school as well, so the bento I take with me, isn't that big. The tuna burgers were a new recipe that I will share soon, because they are very easy to make and healthy too.

Nick's main dish in the bento was Pesto Couscous. In the other tier there is leftover eggplant potato curry with rice and some cucumbers. The recipe for the curry is another one I need to share. It was such a tasty dish. As a snack Nick had green tea Pocky in the lid. On his 2nd work day I made practically the same bento but with a mini pumpkin kitkat in the lid instead.

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