Monday, March 9, 2015

Menu for week 10

A whole week without posts. Normally would be the cause that I was sick or something, but that wasn't the case at all this time. The past week was just extremely busy. We got a car(!), I had to go to school and the weekend was packed with fun stuff, like going to a concert and walking in the forest with the dog because it was the first spring day of the year!

Sunday Baking: White Chocolate Cheesecake! This was just amazing!! I loved this so much. Of course we didn't eat it all and we shared it. Recipe to come.

Monday: Potatoes, spinach and a meat replacement.

Tuesday: Falafel bowl. A vegan dish with all the flavours that falafel has. Recipe to come.

Tuesday Snack: Mini pizza baguettes. Recipe to come.

Wednesday Bento: Falafel bowl and Chinese tomato soup that I bought at school.

Wednesday: Pizza pomodori pesto. It was two for the price of one and Nick loves to eat pizza.

Thursday and Friday: Sweet potato pasta alfredo. Yum! Nick got this idea, and I found a recipe for it. Will be shared soon.

Saturday: A friend of mine came over for dinner before the concert. Nick doesn't like fishes like salmon and tuna, but my friend and I both do. He chose for gnocchi with tomato sauce and tuna. Recipe to come.

For this week, we have an easier menu planned. And I hope that I will be able to blog some recipes this week ;)

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