Sunday, March 1, 2015

Menu for week 8 and 9

It seems to get a bit of a habit to combine two menu posts into one. No matter :) We ate tasty things again, and because we made things for a 2nd time that weren't on the blog, I was motivated to blog the recipes in the past week :) Also: if you ever see a dish in the weekly menu that you want to know the recipe of, please let me know in a comment. I will make it a priority to blog that recipe sooner. Now I just mostly choose at random which recipes I share first.

Sunday Baking: We had some friends over for boardgames, and that is always the perfect opportunity to bake something. We choose to make stroopwafel-cinnamon cake, because it is easy and delicious :)

Sunday: Because we also cooked for 5 that evening, we made mashpot with a twist. We choose for the sweet potato and cabbage mashpot, but we used kale this time.

Monday and Tuesday: We had a sachet of green curry paste that we wanted to use. We made this vegan green potato curry, but this time we used broccoli and we served it with rice.

Wednesday Lunch: Scrambled eggs with mushrooms, yummy!

Wednesday Baking: Healthy date, chocolate and peanutbutter balls. Recipe to come.

Wednesday: Pizza Burgers. These are great! Better for the weekend, but because we cooked in the weekend, we did something easy on Wednesday :)

Thursday and Friday: Leek-Pesto quiche. Made this for the 2nd time too and shared the recipe last week.

Saturday: Curried Pea Soup. Yum! A really nice wintery soup. Recipe to follow.

Sunday: We had some people over to work on the inventory of the Abunai foundation, and afterwards we ordered sushi. This was sushi for 5, but we were so hungry, that the picture was taken late ;)

Monday and Tuesday: Just an ovendish with a store bought sauce. We don't do this often, but sometimes we make an exception. We had beans and corn as our veggies with potatoes.

Dessert: We don't often buy dessert, but I enjoy it when we do.

Wednesday: Avocado wraps with vegetarian chicken. Recipe to come.

Thursday and Friday: Kale and bell pepper quiche. Another lovely quiche because we had kale leftover in the freezer. Recipe to come.

Saturday: Wraps again, this time with beans, corn, bell pepper, avocado and lettuce.

Next week I have school again, so the menu will look a little different. Including a bento recipe.

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