Sunday, May 18, 2014

Menu for week 20

Time for another weekly menu :) We actually made a lot this week. We made extra things for my bento and we baked again. I keep forgetting to make pictures of my bento, mainly because Nick assembles them these days for me, and at school it is hectic. But at least I have pictures from the stuff that went in them ;)

Sunday: We went out for dinner because of Mothersday. Again I was very late with my picture. It was my first time tasting asparagus. Other than that there was cod, beans, baked potatoes, fries and salad. I liked it :)

Monday: Stuffed tomato wraps. There was egg, avocado, sundried tomatoes and some other stuff in there. Recipe will follow, but I cant remember everything now ;) I also had these in my bento the next day.

Tuesday lunch: Next to wraps, I also had these spinach balls with me. Recipe to come.

Tuesday: Chimmichurri. One of the few meals we still make out of the box, because we actually prefer this version.

Wednesday: Spinach pancakes

Thursday and Friday: Broc and Cheese

Saturday Baking: Custard Cupcakes (recipe to come)

Saturday: Fish curry. It was good but way too spicy for me. Need a milder curry paste next time.

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