Monday, February 10, 2014

Valentines Day: White Chocolate Oreo Truffles

We don't do really much about Valentines Day ourselves but I always think it is a great opportunity to bake something sweet. Or to no-bake in this case ;) There was a very girly sleepover here in the past weekend and I thought these would be fun to serve. The recipe comes from Comfort of Cooking. I only made small modifications on the recipe. But it doesn't say how much white chocolate you need for melting. I thought 100 gram would be enough, but it wasn't ;) That is the reason there are 3 uncoated Oreo truffles on the picture. Like black sheep :) I LOVED these even better that the truffles I made for New year's Eve. They are little calorie bombs, but when shared with a lot of friends, the damage is moderate ;) I admit that leaving the toothpicks in after coating isn't that glamorous but it is practical!

White Chocolate Oreo Truffles (about 30)
- 24 oreo cookies
- 1 package of cream cheese
- 150 gr white chocolate
- some sweet decoration (optional)

Mix the cookies and the cream cheese in your food processor. (this isn't as easy as it sounds, but keep at it, scooping the mass towards the bottom in between pulses) Line a large pizza plate with parchment paper. Set yourself down on a comfy seat near a table and start rolling the balls. This is messy, so keep some kitchen towels at hand. I used about a dessert spoon for each truffle. Place toothpicks in the balls, and put them in the freezer for about 30 minutes. Do not skip this step or else you can't coat them.

Melt the white chocolate au-bain-marie. And coat the truffles. We used a teaspoon to scoop some white chocolate on top to help with the coating. But we couldn't be too generous because we didn't have enough chocolate. Sprinkle the decoration on top before the chocolate hardens again. Place them in the fridge until serving.

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