Sunday, February 9, 2014

Menu for week 06

I am currently doing two things with my menu planning. I am still slowly cooking through my meat books, to see if I want to make any more dishes from them before I pass them on, and I want to do more budget cooking to counter that. So next week it will be all about budget cooking (because we want to buy a new game with the money we save. But this week I already made a small start.

Sunday: Colcannon Cakes for Imbolc.

Monday and Tuesday: Budget vegan spaghetti with tomatoes, spinach and white beans (recipe to come)

Wednesday: Vegan sushi from De Snelle vegetarier. (recipe to come)

Thursday and Friday: Indian potato curry from Indian Cooking. I won't share the recipe because while it was tasty, it isn't more tasty than other potato curries I made.

Saturday: Baked potatoes, white beans in tomato sauce and meat replacement.

Saturday Baking: We had a party last night and we made oreo truffles (recipe to come)

Saturday Snacking: We had a bit of a sweet theme that eve, so we pimped some donuts with pink glazing. Normally I eat fairly healthy as you know, but for this night we went for sweet ;) The snack were shared with 9 people though.

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