Monday, February 24, 2014

Foodblogswap: Labne

For the monthly Foodblogswap we get to cook from another Dutch blog. This month I got to make something from the blog Comfort Kitchen. I really liked the easy recipes on the blog! First I wanted to make sweet potato curry empanadas, but when browsing a bit further I saw a very easy recipe for labne, a thick yoghurt spread from the Middle East. I thought, maybe this is too easy for a Foodblogswap, but it was something I had on my to make list for a long time! So I went ahead and made it :) I have seen it written as labne or labneh, but I saw it as labne in a Moroccan cookbook, so I hope this is right ;)

Labne: (1 big bowl)
- 1L yoghurt, I used a thick Turkish yoghurt.
- 0.5 tsp sea salt
- olive oil
- about 1 tbsp herbs and spices. I used a couscous spice mix

Mix the salt through the yoghurt. Place a clean tea towel in a colander and place that on top of a bowl or pan, to catch the moist. Scoop the yoghurt in the tea towel. Grab all 4 corners, and bring them together in the centre, closing the tea towel and bind it together so it stays closed. Place it in the fridge overnight. 

The next day, scoop the labne in a bowl and add the herbs and some olive oil. We served it the same day on Moroccan bread with soup. But the next day the labne tasted even better because the spices gave off their flavour. The labne had a beautiful yellow color then, more so than on the picture. 
I love how easy this is and what a tasty spread you get from it :) 

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  1. Hoi Cynni, leuk dat je deze gemaakt hebt! Het blijft één van mijn favoriete smeersels :)
    groet, Laura (ComfortKitchen)