Sunday, February 23, 2014

Menu for week 08

I have to warn you that this menu is a bit boring. Because we wanted to buy a new game, we have been cutting down our groceries budget. Last week we really cooked on a budget, and this week we mostly used what we still had in our pantry. We hardly cook with pre made sauces and mixes anymore. But sometimes we are gifted with them and they end up in our pantry for a long time. This week we used some of them.

Monday and Tuesday: Fish and coconut curry. I won't post the recipe because Nick didn't like this one. I thought it was okay, but not too special.

Wednesday: Tofu tandoori with a mix.

Wednesday Snack: Greek faux meat balls. (recipe to come)

Thursday and Friday: Pasta with a canned tomato sauce, mascarpone, zucchini and mushrooms. 
Saturday: "Beef" Chimichurri - ate at a friends house and forgot to take a picture. 

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  1. I also find that extras accumulate in the pantry and every now and then I either have to use them up or donate them to the food bank. It's also a brain exercise to come up with meals that use what you have.