Sunday, November 24, 2013

Weekly Menu Week 47

Here is another weekly menu. The pictures aren't great because it keeps getting dark earlier and earlier. But We did eat some delicious things again! Also some simple stuff in between, but it is still good.

Sunday: Simple mushroom soup with bread

Sunday lunch: Home made vegetarian sausage rolls. Recipe to come.

Monday: Taco bites, with a veggie mix of peas, kidney beans and corn on the side. Recipe to come.
Tuesday and Wednesday: Couscous salad

Thursday and Friday: Spinach and mushroom lasagna.

Friday lunch: Cheesy bread from the Turkish Bakery.
Saturday: Roti, with a potatoes and beans stuffing.

I also cooked for the foodblogswap. But that will get a separate post :) I won't tell too much about that one yet.

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