Friday, October 25, 2013

Pin it and Do it: Sushi Stack

It is time again for another round of Pin It and Do It, hosted by Trish from Love, Laughter and a Touch of Insanity. I always love to participate in the challenge, because it gives me an extra reason to cook from my lovely Pinterest recipe board!

Finally some sushi again on the blog! I know I haven't posted something Japanese in ages, or a bento for that matter. And I even took a bento to school with me last Tuesday but I forgot to take a picture. Anyway, I am always looking to try new and interesting sushi recipes, and this sushi stack from Green Gourmet Giraffe looked fun to try.

The one thing I hoped for that without having to roll the sushi it would be less time consuming to make it. Because that is the one thing that prevents me from making sushi more often. I can say this is not the case but it is less labour intensive. If you have the sushi stacked, you just leave it be for 15 minutes until you proceed to the cutting. But the cutting is actually harder, I thought.

The recipe is really easy to adapt, just make the rice and choose 3 fillings that would taste good together. The original pin is totally vegan btw, so vegans head over there :) The reason that my sushi isn't is because I already had some ingredients at home, and I didn't have much to spend to get the same fillings as the original recipe, so I used what I had at home.

Sushi stack (serves 2-3)

For the rice:
- 2 cups sushi rice
- 6 tbsp rice vinegar
- 3 1/2 tsp sugar

Cook the sushi rice until nice and soft. I always use a rice cooker, so I can't go wrong. But for even better rice, let the sushi rice soak overnight. In a small pan heat the vinegar and then add the sugar until absorbed.
When the rice is done transfer it to a bowl, mix in the vinegar mixture and cover the bowl with a clean tea towel. Let it rest for about 20 minutes.

For the filling:
- 4 sheets of nori
- 1 avocado
- some black sesame
- 4 eggs
- some sugar
- some soy sauce
- 3 tbsp cream cheese

Make the omelettes by mixing egg with some sugar and soy sauce. Do this to taste. I had to bake my omelettes in 2 goes, because my square pan is only small. Let them cool for a bit and cut them to fit the nori sheets.
Slice the avocado.

For assembling:
Place a nori sheet on a cutting board. Cover with a thin layer of rice. Use a spoon to divide evenly. This time I started with the omelette, but next time I will save that for last, because only the last layer has extra rice, and the egg doesn't stick to the nori on it's own. So if you are using these filling start with the avocado first. Just divide it evenly, and sprinkle some sesame on top. Then place another nori sheet on a flat surface and spread out the rice. This goes easier on a flat surface than on the stack. When done, place the nori and rice on the stack. Lay out some tbsp of cream cheese on the next layer and also spread that evenly over the rice. Lastly, divide rice on a nori sheet again, place on the stack and put the egg on top. Add more rice and place the last nori sheet over the stack. Try to stack nice and even ;)

Now the fun part. Add another cutting board on top, and pace something heavy on it. Like a Dutch oven. Leave it be for 15 minutes. Then cut the stack into squares. Make sure your knife is warm (use warm water) for easier cutting. Also cut gently, with no pressure and be patient.

Look at the original pin for step by step pictures :)

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