Thursday, June 28, 2012

Vitatas #21

This will be the first menu to be part of the Veggie Challenge and that will have two vegan days in it. I think I have figured it out for the week ;)

This weeks bag has Chinese cabbage, an eggplant, 2 heads of lettuce, chicory and carrots. 

The Menu for week 26-27 will be:
Thursday and Friday: Pasta with spinach, cream cheese and tomatoes 

Saturday: Efteling day, will bring couscous salad
Sunday: Lettuce mashpot
Monday: I decided it will be Nicks cooking day ;) He doesn't know yet ;)
Tuesday: Thai Style Carrot Soup (vegan) from how to cook everything vegetarian app.

Wednesday: Fish flavored eggplant with rice or noodles (vegan) from Puur Plantaardig (page 70)
Snacks: I will make a vegan snack on Monday, will have to decide yet what I will make :)

For breakfast I have bought vegan bread and vegan mushroom pate to try. The soup will also serve as lunch for Wednesday. I also have homemade peanut butter that is vegan :) If I can't get to make my own vegan snack I will get some vegan cookies from the store. Look in the recipe index for the recipes of the pasta, couscous salad en lettuce mashpot, if you are interested :)

Suggestions for easy vegan snacks are welcome! :)


  1. It's nearly lunchtime and that picture of couscous has made me very hungry ;) I can imagine the nicest vegan snacks would definitely include home-made peanut butter.

  2. BTW sorry about the white text background. It is something that blogger does, and I am too tired to fix it :(

  3. Looking good Uniflame! And yay, only two more nights until the Veggie Challenge. I guess it's not possible for you to come to the Viva las Vega's Food Festival in Amsterdam tomorrow to kick off your challenge?

    Oh and here you'll find a link to the easy vegan brownies I've made several times already.