Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Weekly Menu: week 21/22

We won't be able to pick up our organic veggie bag for the next 5-6 weeks because Zeronic has broken his hand. So we have to do the groceries close by now. For the next couple of weeks we will be getting our veggies from the local market. Those are mostly not organic but at least I can ask where they are from and that way not buy veggies that are imported from all around the globe. From some fruits I know this happens, like bananas. But why would I eat beans from Africa for example while I can get beans from our own country? :)

We already bought our fruit on the market because I am picky with fruit so I want to choose them myself. This is a nice mix of fruits and veggies that I selected this week :) We have a bunch of spring oinions, basil, half a watermelon, beans, a large eggplant, bananas, 3 cucumbers, avocado and mushrooms.

The menu for week 21/22 will be:
Thursday: Salad wraps with chives-yoghurt spread (avocado, cucumber, tomato) (Dutch recipe from Pinterest)
Friday: Potato, beans and fake meat (might make a cold potato and beans salad instead)
Saturday: Mushroom Ragout (recipe here)
Sunday: It is Zeronic's b-day so no cooking ;)
Monday and Tuesday: A pasta ovendish with eggplant and tomatosauce
Wednesday: Couscous salad (from a new batch of veggies)

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