Saturday, May 26, 2012

Weekend Cooking: Healthy in a Hurry

Title: Healthy in a Hurry
Author: Karen Ansel
Publisher: Weldon Owen
Release date: April, 2012
Length: 224 pages
I got this book: For review through NetGalley

"Everyone is looking for ways to fit wholesome, good-for-you meals into their busy schedules. This solution-oriented cookbook shows you how to make the most of over 30 superfoods—from avocados to berries to whole grains—with recipes for delicious dishes made with fresh ingredients that you can prepare any time of the day. Organized by course—including breakfast, starters and snacks, lunch, dinner, sides, and dessert—the recipes are packed with nutrients and most are simple enough to prepare in under 30 minutes. Loaded with useful tips and strategies for healthy eating and friendly advice on shopping, prepping in advance, and cooking smarter, this book provides real solutions for creating balanced meals on a busy schedule."

Personal opinion:
The reason why I wanted to review this book was because it is focussed on good meals under 30 minutes. While this book isn't vegetarian, it does provide enough recipes to make it an interesting book for vegetarians. In fact there seem to be more veggie recipes in here than meat or fish, with main courses being the exception. What I loved about this book are the small bits of additional info that are provided in side boxes next to the recipes about the ingredients. In that way I learned a lot without having to go through pages of text. The book does indeed focus on both healthy and quick. There are parts about superfoods and healthy pantry staples but also quick fix ideas to pack if you are on the go. The latter part I found inspirational and handy. For people who are into the visual appeal of cookbooks, this book doesn't disappoint with full page pictures throughout the book. I can recommend this book to people who would like to cook wholesome but don't want to spend hours in the kitchen doing so.

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Normally I always share a recipe with a review but I already shared a recipe from this book a few weeks back. I was planning to make a second recipe out of this book, however due to circumstances this didn't happen. Here is the recipe for Quinoa Burgers that I shared a few weeks back.

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  1. I find the Williams-Sonoma books be really well done, so I'm glad to see that this one lives up to their reputation. I remember those burgers looked good.

  2. I like the idea of under-30-minute recipes (mostly because that's about all the patience I have these days). I'll have to look out for this cookbook. Thanks for sharing!

  3. This looks like a great book. I'm always worried about general cook books since I'm a vegetarian, but simce you say it doesn't matter, this may be worth a further look.

  4. It's nice to see "healthy" and "hurry" used together. Looks like an awesome cookbook.

  5. I love the fact that the recipes are quick and delicious. I like the Williams-Sonoma books, I'll have to check this one out.

  6. I agree with Beth F, Williams Sonoma does a wonderful job with their books, and this one sounds like a keeper.

  7. Seems as though I am always rushed these days :/ So, this looks like it would be useful and tasty!

  8. Under 30 minutes? I'm sold! Thanks for the review :).

  9. Quick is good. But nothing quite beats doing things from scratch and sometimes that just can't be done in under half an hour. Have a great week.