Friday, April 20, 2012

Vitatas #18

Another weekly menu... and damn what has blogger changed. Lets see how this will go ;)

In the bag this week there is butter lettuce, cauliflower, chicory, leek and a zucchini.

The menu for week 16-17 will be:
Friday: Lettuce Mashpot (recipe here)
Saturday: Chinese tomato soup (from the Dutch site Yummy in my Tummy)
Sunday and Monday: Pasta with mushrooms and zucchini (from the Dutch site Arjen Kookt)
Tuesday: Baked potatoes with creamy spinach and AH fritatta
Wednesday: We grab a bite in the city
Thursday: Sundried tomato and pesto burgers (page 68 from the best veggie burgers on the planet)
Snack/bento: Cauliflower Pizza bites (from Damy Health), Strawberry Smoothies.

4 new recipes this week! I am a bit behind on posting everything I have tried (and the mediocre recipes won't even make it) but I basically only post 2 recipes a week.

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