Thursday, February 23, 2012

#120 and #121 Valentines bento and Potato Curry bento

I haven't made a lot of bento lately, but I even saw that I forgot to post the bento I made around Valentines Day. The other bento I took with me to school yesterday.

I made this fruity bento a few days before Valentine for Zeronic, but it is awfully pink ;) This is because I also wanted to show a Valentines lunch idea on my new Girly Stuff blog ;) Anyway, in the bento is a cranberry muffin, heart shaped pancakes with strawberry jam in between. Heart shaped apple slices and half a grapefruit. Hidden underneath some apple slices there is a Laughing cow cheese wedge.

I took this bento to school with me yesterday. In the upper tier there is some sweet potato curry which was left over from dinner, red lentil falafel, cherry tomatoes and a laughing cow cheese wedge. Hidden underneath the tomatoes and the cheese there is half a white bean burger.


  1. What a fun life you have! I delight in your bentos.

  2. I am loving the Valentine's Bento