Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Snack Review: Picco Reverse Pocky Choco

This will be the last snack review from my Tofu Cute batch. Picco are reversed Pocky sticks that are made by the same company. They were new in the webshop and because I love most things chocolate and these are double chocolate, so I went for it.

Picture from the Tofu Cute website because I forgot to take one

As you can see these are chocolate biscuit sticks, but unlike Pocky where the chocolate is on the outside, here the chocolate is inside the stick. They give off a subtle sweet chocolate scent. The biscuit is very crunchy but a bit dry. This is the case with most Pocky sticks, so no surprises there, however these really made my thirsty. That being said, I did love the taste of the chocolate filling. Because the chocolate is in the inside, they taste more intense than the normal Pocky. I find this a plus. Also because the snack is double chocolate it scores extra points with me. These are a bit of addicting but unfortunately the package doesn't contain as many sticks as a normal box of Pocky. I would surely buy these again when I get the chance. You can buy these for 1,70 pounds for a 60gr box on Tofu Cute.

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  1. They sound delicious, I'm all for double chocolate ;)