Friday, January 20, 2012

Weekly Menu Weeks 3-4

We don't have a Vitatas vegetable bag this week because we didn't like half of what is in it. And while we love to try new things and new challenges, we took a break this week and went to the market instead to get a nice batch of veggies. Half of these are still organic and they cost us 8 euros for the whole week.

From the market we choose a huge amount of turnip tops, a cauliflower, broccoli, half a pumpkin, 2 zucchinis, black salsify and a lemon that I needed to make lemon cake ;) Not on the picture are mushroom, which we bought as well.

The menu for week 3-4 will be:
Friday: A warm salad with the black salsify and avocado (from Kookblog Rozemarijn) with baked potatoes and a meat replacement.
Saturday: Sushi!
Sunday & Monday: Turnip tops mashpot (recipe here)
Tuesday: Wraps with mushrooms and zucchini (and more)
Wednesday: Pumpkin-cranberry risotto (I still have cranberries left, recipe here)
Thursday: Cauliflower Manchurian with rice and peas from the Everyday Happy Herbivore Cookbook.
Bento: I have build up quite a stash from cranberry muffins, red lentil falafel, BBQ tempeh and tofu-zucchini-tomato burgers. So I don't think I will be making more this week, but you never know :) I will make a loaf of tomato-basil bread in the machine this weekend though :)


  1. Sushi, haven't had that in a long time, so now I'm craving for some sushi lol! cranberry muffins sounds tasty though! (Too bad I'm not that much of a veggy eater.. )

  2. I am curious to know what kind of sushi you will be making :)

  3. This time I won't be making it but ordering in. However when I do I love to experiment. I love to make golden kiwifruit and cream cheese sushi. Or avocado is another favorite filling of mine. I want to experiment more with mousse filling next and I want to learn to make inside out sushi :)