Friday, January 6, 2012

Vitatas #10

And with the New Year the vegetable bags are also back! Not that I didn't have bags in the last 2 weeks of the year but I just couldn't find the time for proper menu planning. Anyway, the weekly menu's are back now :)

In the bag there are bean sprouts, bok choy, parsnip, Chinese cabbage, cauliflower and chicory. Otherwise we have many leftover mushrooms in stock, also a butternut pumpkin and some more stuff. It is hard to use everything up that you had without proper menu planning.

The menu for week 1/2 will be:
Friday: Baked potatoes with chicory salad with apple and mandarins and a meat replacement.
Saturday: Garlic roasted mushrooms with baked potatoes and meat replacement.(based on this recipe on Kiss My Whisk)

Sunday: A sweet butternut-cranberry risotto. (recipe here)
Monday: Tomatosoup with bread and cauliflower dip. (recipe here at Always cooking up something)
Tuesday: Lentil burgers, I have to see what I will serve next to it. Maybe red cabbage salad.
Wednesday: Creamy parsnip-potato soup with bread.

Thursday: Pasta with white beans. (recipe here)
Bento: Cranberry Muffins

Three of these recipes come from a Dutch vegetarian magazine. I decided to use those more because they have original recipes with veggies of the season. So perfect in combination with my veggie bags. If these recipes turn out good, they will appear on the blog during the next weeks. As always I will update the post with pictures later.


  1. You've got a tasty week ahead of you :) So you're going to give the chicory salad a go? I guess you're right: with enough fruit chucked in, the bitterness will recede into the background.
    Let me know what the parsnip-potato soup tastes like, I'm really not a fan of the veg :/
    Yay for trying out my dip & soup ;) (I do recommend using less of the cauliflower, in the end I had to chuck out quite a bit, because S. wasn't really into it)

  2. Okay noted, less cauliflower :)

    And I am not making the exact soup but I am going to make the dip :)

  3. Looking good!

    I made red cabbage salad with orange and pistachio nuts this week, which was very good! :) Had it with baked butternut btw, easy but delicious. I posted pictures on the NVV forum.

    Which Dutch magazine are you talking about?

    @Chinoiseries: I've been craving cauliflower ever since your post! Want to make the dip BADLY. :) Even bought the veg but my brother came over yesterday and I used most of it for dinner.

  4. I wanted to make that same salad, but the red cabbage seemed to have disappeared. I know it was laying in the right vegetable department of my fridge but when I wanted to check it, it was gone! Nick says he hasn't seen it. It is something in this house about food mysteriously disappearing even when we only just bought it and we are sure we put it in the grocery bag, but lost it when we got home. Very strange. Anyway, because the red cabbage is gone, I guess I won't be making it this time.

    The magazine I am talking about is Vegetarisch Fit.