Wednesday, January 4, 2012

#115 - Longing for Spring Bento

So, the holidays are over and now we can skip the rest of winter? I wish! My subconsious must have been in a spring mood because flowers popped up everywhere in this bento!

Basically this bento is made from leftovers from the New Years party. I still had two salads that needed to be used, which I decorated with nori flowers. And while it was so stormy outside, and more the weather for a soup bento, these had to be used up quickly. Together with apple and cucumber flowers, this makes for quite a spring theme. Oh well, it is no secret that I strongly dislike the cold winter season ;)


  1. Enjoy the sun while it's out today, I heard that the storm will be back tomorrow :/ Your bento looks very tasty and inspiring, I feel like making fresh salads now :)

  2. I put cocktail umbrellas in my daughter's lunch today... I guess I was hoping for some sunshine too since it's quite cold today! Love the flowers :)

  3. Love the flowers, they're so cute :)

  4. Well you're not the only one: there's a blue hyacinth (I think) coming up on my balcony...
    Lente Bento's are always nice! :)