Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Snack Review: Panda Pocky

I am a bit of a pocky fan and I especially like to try the more exotic flavors so I was really curious to review this limited edition panda pocky from J-list. Pocky is a product from Glico and comes in many varieties. The most common is chocolate but they often come up with cool limited edition flavors where this one is a part of.

The snack is called panda pocky but the actual flavor is cookies 'n cream. This is a flavor that I really love in chocolate bars, so they can't really go wrong here. Let's see how true this will be ;)
Unlike most pocky sticks (except for Choco-banana) these pocky sticks aren't vanilla but chocolate biscuit. The outer layer is white cream with bits of chocolate in it. They smell really sweet and vanilla like, and they taste like that too. I wasn't really able to taste the outer chocolate pieces, but otherwise this is a great flavor combination if you are a fan of sweet things. The last bit of biscuit without coating is a bit dry though. A great plus here is that unlike with a lot of typical flavors, these don't taste chemical. 
A fun detail is that the plastic package inside the box has drawings of cute pandas on them to accommodate the theme. I would certainly buy these again, because I am very pleased with this combination. They are $2.50 a box on J-List.

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  1. Cookie and cream = panda? Admire the imagination of who ever thought about it. So, cute :))