Friday, November 25, 2011

Vitatas #6

Last week I was ill with the stomach flu (still am a bit) and therefore all the cooking went a bit down the drain. Zeronic still cooked but some things I planned were a bit too much for him to make, combined with his new job and all. Therefore we ordered a smaller vegetable bag this week so we can use up the leftovers from last week.

In the bag of this week are rutabaga, a small butternut squash, bok choy, sunchokes and beans. I have left over from last week: 2 large carrots, 2 courgettes, 2 bulbs fennel and beets. The 2 huge stalks of celery mysteriously disappeared to the house of a friend of mine ;) In the fridge I also have part of a cucumber and some limes laying around.

Menu for week 47/48 will be:
Friday: Homemade bean burgers with avocado and baked potatoes.

Saturday: Vegatable samosas with potato, carrot and peas (recipe here) served with a yoghurt-cucumber dip. Normally this is more of a lunch dish, but I felt like making them so we will have them for dinner, leftovers will be frozen for bento.

Sunday: We celebrate Sinterklaas and won't cook. But we did end up ordering sushi in with a couple of friends :)

Monday: Pesto pasta with fennel beans. (recipe here)
Tuesday: Rutabaga in peanut sauce with vegetarian sausages.

Wednesday: Sunchoke soup with bread (recipe here)

Thursday: Coriander rice from Jamie Oliver with stir fried veggies including bok choy. (recipe here)
Bento stash: Courgette-Basil Muffins and maybe onigiri.
Snack: Maybe lime cake or carrot cake, depending on how much energy I have left.

As always pictures and recipes will follow during the week :) If you are curious to see what we ate in the past weeks, see the weekly menu page :)


  1. I hope you'll feel fine again real soon - stomach flu is a pain in the ass..(excusez le mot). Still don't see the fennel-bean dish from Puur Plantaardig on your menu; even though you got some green beans in your Vitatas as well! You should really try that recipe: it's easy to make and very yummy!

  2. Yes I did :) Going to make them on Monday :)

  3. Silly me! ;P Let me know what you think?!