Thursday, November 24, 2011

#108 and #109 - Muffin Bentos

A lot of my bento feature muffins these days because there are easy to make and to store. They are also very tasty and the varieties are endless. I guess this is a trend that will continue for a while ;)

Also Zeronic has found work again as a mail man. He will only work a few hours a day, mostly, so I will have to focus more on portable snack bento. I can still use suggestions for those :)

The bento has rice and mixed means in sajoer sauce. In the other tier there is an apple-pumpkin muffin and a strawberry cupcake that my friend Wietz-chan made!

This bento was actually for myself but I fell ill with the stomach flu so Zeronic took it to work with him. It has Noodles with broccoli and mushrooms in a nori sauce, two pizza muffins and walnuts.

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