Friday, October 28, 2011

Vitatas #2

I always get my Vitatas (organic vegetable bag) on Fridays. This week I choose the Dutch produce bag, which means that all veggies have been grown locally. We paid 7.50 euro for this bag instead of 10.00 for the Extra bag. Yet we find that this bag is more expensive for what you get. The bag only contains four different kind of veggies this week, so that we find a bit too much. Next week, we will probably switch back.

We have endive, sauerkraut, Jerusalem artichokes and green beans.

On the weekly menu we have:
Friday: Potato curry with half potatoes, half sweet potatoes, cherry tomatoes, spinach (from my own balcony) and mushrooms. (I still have a pot green curry sauce that we need to finish that I used for last weeks Pad Thai)
Saturday: We eat out or order in because we are going swimming with friends
Sunday: Endive fritatta (recipe here)
Monday: Sauerkraut mash pot / endive mash pot (I really can't eat sauerkraut but Zeronic loves it!)
Tuesday: Mixed beans with rice in "sajoersauce"
Wednesday: Sushi with salmon replacement/avocado/sweet egg or other things I come up with.

Thursday: Jerusalem artichokes probably out of the oven in some way (recipe here)
For the bento stash: Courgette-feta-sundried tomato muffins (recipe here) from the leftover courgette from last week.

Snack: Lemon cake (recipe here).

Here is a link to last week's menu! I have updated it with recipes and pictures.


  1. Sounds a bit expensive but I like it that it encourages you to make a menu for the week.

    Looking forward to seeing what you do with the Jerusalem artichokes.

  2. Yeah this bag was actually expensive for what you got. That is why I am going to switch back to that other bag next week :) Much better value for the money :)