Monday, March 14, 2011

#78 - Penguin bento

This idea was waiting for weeks on the shelf and today I finally had time for it. I wanted to try to make a charaben inspired by the Hawaii's bento box cookbook from Susan Yuen. I loved the little penguins featured in there and all though most bento have a spring theme already, I thought I can just squeeze this by ;)

This is a snack bento for two. Zeronic and I start on a course tomorrow and after those 2 hours I know we will be hungry. Besides, I grab any chance I get now to make a bento ;) This is an adaptation from the penguin spam musubi recipe (page 69). My penguins are filled with rice & furikake since I don't eat meat. And we couldn't get kamaboko here, so I used crab sticks, which was a bit more challenging since they are shaped differently. It was a bit of a challenge all together but I am pretty satisfied. Zeronic helped by pressing the rice and cutting and wrapping the nori while I did all the small details.

Too bad though that our supplies were very low so I couldn't add much of fresh veggies. Next to the penguins there are some cherry tomatoes, cucumber, soy sauce and laughing cow cheese. It would have made for a nicer bento if I had some more fresh veggies, but I am sure our snack will be good all the same :)


  1. i've seen this post yesterday, from bentosiayah's blog roll, and i really love to make comment. but since yesterday, i didn't even make any bento, and seeing my blog just to stop-by and checking, so i postpone my comment :D .
    I miss you cynni, i miss your bento too. and these penguins look cute. What's that wrapped with foil?