Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Snack review: Pocky Milk Flavor

Pocky: "The Super Snack"
Picture by Bud_Spencer

I am a bit of a pocky fan and I especially like to try the more exotic flavors so I was happy that I could get some different kind of pocky for a reasonable price on Tofu Cute, a webshop located in the UK. Pocky is a product from Glico and comes in many varieties. The most common is chocolate but strawberry and milk pocky are also among the more common flavors. Today I will review the latter one.

I bought this package for 0.75 pounds on Tofu Cute. The package is a bit smaller then the chocolate one and only contains 25gr. The biscuit sticks are covered with a white milk flavored layer. They don't smell too strong the biscuit is nice and crunchy. The milk layer tastes sweet but it does have a weird after taste that I can't really place. I didn't notice this any more after eating a few more sticks so it isn't too bad. I do like this flavor of pocky since I love the subtle sweet taste it has and I would buy them again if I happen to come across them cheaply. However since we have something similar in the Netherlands, which I prefer slightly better, I wouldn't go out of my way to buy them.

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