Sunday, February 27, 2011

Snack review: Collon Chocolate Filled Cookies

Chocolate Flavoured Collon, from a Hong Kong supermarket
Picture by Todd Mecklem
My friend Antwa-chan was so kind to give me a sachet of her box of chocolate collon to sample. Collon is a product from the Glico brand who also manufactures Pocky. They are filled biscuits that are rolled into a spiral. The filling is rather prominent and the biscuit is thin. The sachet I have contained about 7 pieces of collon and comes from a bigger package with several sachets inside. Sadly I do not know the exact price of it. But browsing various websites showed that the individual boxes collon (not the mini version that I had a sample from) are between $2.00 - $2.50 depending on which site you visit and how exotic the flavor is you want. Limited edition collon is more expensive. The most common types I came across are collon cream (vanilla), collon chocolate and collon strawberry.

I have to say that these collon bites are quite delicious. There is plenty of creamy chocolate filling inside and the biscuit tastes sweet and crunchy. For me this was the perfect balance because I love snacks with more filling and less cookie. But for others this might be a bit overkill. It does depend on what you prefer. If you like creamy cookies this one is perfect for you and I can highly recommend it. It's a shame I only had one sachet to taste because I would have loved to eat more. I will definitely buy this myself when I run into it.


  1. These cookies look very tasty indeed. I'm not sure whether it is easily obtainable in the Netherlands? :( Would love to try this myself, may have to put in an order with Jbox again x__x
    Who thought of that awful name though?! ;)

  2. It seems that you can buy those in Rotterdam and Utrecht. I am not sure where, but these were bought in Utrecht.

    As for the name: I heard they went for a cute name that has been translated between English and Japanese forth and back, without being very successful. But I guess it is like books, what's in a name? ;)

  3. hey,

    since i bought the box and shared, it's available in Amstelveen in a small toko there... it;s not really sure if they have it permanently but it was worth the try <3

  4. Oh I am sorry, I thought you got them in Utrecht :) But thanks for clearing that up!

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