Sunday, February 20, 2011

OS03 - Tandoori bento

Tandoori is a great dish to include in your bento. I experienced it still tastes good when the dish is cool. It was one of my favorite dishes to include in the bento a few years back when I just started. It is also a nice dish to add to your bento freezer stash :)

This old school bento from April 2008 has some tandoori in it with saffron rice flowers and coconut. It is a vegetarian tandoori. Other then that there are some cucumbers, yellow cherry tomatoes, mixed nuts and cheese crackers in the bento. I made the rice flowers, using cookie cutters to shape the rice.

Tomorrow I have a new recipe for you all to enjoy. I hope to be able to mix the older bento posts with some new ideas :) I have to say that I am a bit embarrassed by these old bento I made back then ;)

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