Friday, January 21, 2011

#58 - Say it with Soy bento

I felt like doing something extra with this bento and found out that spelling with edamame can be quite fun ;) I used quite a lot of soy based products in this bento, hence the title :)

Vegetarian Teriyaki with soybeans Bento
In this bento we have vegetarian Teriyaki rice with mushrooms, peas & tofu. The letters are spelled with edamame (soy beans). I pressed them a bit deeper into the rice after I took the picture so they hopefully won't shift. More edamame in the cup, vegetarian soy-vegetable triangles and shii-take dumplings in the other tier.

Ps: you know that you are on twitter too much when you want to use hashtags in your blogposts ;)

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  1. Yep, I use hastags in my blogs. And when I comment. ;)
    Looking like a yummuy bento - I'm off to the kitchen to make myself an Mexican #bloggiesta lunch! ;)