Wednesday, January 19, 2011

#57 - Moussaka bento

Another dinner bento for the 12.00 - 20.00 shift from the Boyfriend. Nothing too special though, since I used the leftovers from yesterday's dinner. It will be filling though :)

Wow, what's with the sunlight on this picture? Anyway, this bento has a large portion of vegetarian moussaka (a Greek oven dish with minced meat replacement, courgette, potato slices, eggplant & cheese), apple muffins & tangelo pieces. A little doggie is peeking between the tangelo pieces.


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  2. Try tomato in it, the traditional way! =D I'm not a great fan of eggplant (sensitive with but I once had a macaroni/moussaka crossover. Think I'll try it again soon (and post the recipe offcourse!)
    And it looks just fine =) Tomato would also be good for colour, actually.

  3. Well the thing is that Nick isn't keen on tomato. I know it tastes great :) I am looking forward to your recipe.

  4. Delicious bento!!!
    Have not tried any moussaka before though...