Saturday, January 22, 2011

Snack review: Nabisco Oreo Sticks - Vanilla Cream

I just LOVE Oreo cookies! Whenever I feel like I want to get a real treat I often get to the store to buy these. They are one of my favorite cookies and I love to try recipes based on them. In the US they are one of the most popular cookie brands but they are a welcome treat in other parts of the world as well. Oreo is a product from Nabisco and originally targeted at an UK audience. 

So this isn't a Japanese snack, why would I review it here? The story is that I happen to browse on J-box, because that is what I do when I want to (torture myself with looking at cool bento stuff I can't afford) know what's new and I stumbled across this Toppo look alike from my favorite biscuit. How could I resist?! And I actually thought that this was a remake of an Oreo product by a Japanese company, seeing how there are a lot of stick shaped snacks in Japan. I only found out that wasn't the case when I was collecting information for this review. But I do have a Japanese package of an American snack:

When I opened the package a soft sweet smell was tempting me to try them. They are hollow crunchy sticks with the original Oreo outside and a layer of softer vanilla on the inside. While the vanilla layer is softer in texture, it is not the cream that I am used to in Oreo cookies and this made this experience a bit too dry. In my experience the outer layer overpowers the vanilla layer and because of that the sticks aren't as well balanced in taste as the cookies are. This doesn't mean the snack doesn't taste good, it does mean you will get thirsty. (And in my case longing for the original Oreo cookies.) The BF thought they taste like those little wafers you often get with your ice cream in a restaurant and I don't think he is that far off. Because those biscuits too, need something extra to go with it and aren't that great on it's own.

The package contains 2 sachets with 6 sticks each and cost $2.50 on J-box. But I think that if you live in the US, you can probably get this in the regular supermarket. In the Netherlands I never seen them before though. I do not think I will import this snack again since I like the cookies better and I can buy there locally in bigger quantities for a better price.


  1. I always thought Oreo were typically American. And maybe they are! It's fun to see a Japanese version, though. A pity it wasn't quite what you hoped.

  2. Omg, oreo sticks! Don't you just love J-Box? It's just that it's so expensive, otherwise I'd be snacking away on Japanese sweets all the time ;) Have you tried the little supermarket underneath Hotel Okura in Amsterdam yet?

  3. Nope I haven't. It is too far for me to travel from Nijmegen to Amsterdam. Since I have chronic fatigue that is nearly impossible for me. Besides it would cost me more on the train ticket then importing from J-BOX would ;) It is a pity though, I would love to check it out.