Friday, February 12, 2010

Bento #9 - Valentines Bento

This is my try out for the B-O-M-B challenge. I am going to do another love themed bento tomorrow. So I'll probably submit that one. Unless you can submit more then one. Anyway I tried to be a bit creative today :)

There is another batch of my Five Spice rice, and some meatballs in tomato sauce. In the upper tier we have apples and sammy hearts with cheese, strawberry jam and pumpernickel bread. I used my new heart picks of course, but it caused one heart to break. (oh noes, broken hearts for Valentine) It doesn't contain lots of different foods since I yet have to go to the market which we always do on Saturdays for fresh organic veggies so I had to make due with what was left.

Tomorrow I plan to make heart shaped onigiri but you never know with me. I might feel like doing something entirely different ;)

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