Sunday, February 28, 2016

Bento for week 8

This was another school week for me, so this means I got a bento too. Nick got through his tgrial period and will be getting a half year contract at his new job. Both bento that are shown, are our Wednesday bento. Nick got 2 similar bento this week and on Thursday I just gave him a pre made salad to work, because I mostly am too tired to make him anything after I finish my school day.

In Nick's bento there is some leftover 3 cheese lasagne. I did mention before that Nick can microwave his food at work, so this makes my job really easy. In the tier there is also a spinach ricotta muffin from the freezer stash. In the other tier there is Greek tomato rice. We made this before but the recipe isn't blogged yet. I will do that next week. In the lid there is cookies and cream peppero.

In my bento there is Greek tomato rice too together with some cucumber slices. I also have low carb tuna burgers and the peppero sticks, but mine aren't on the picture. I always buy a cup of soup at school too. They are freshly made and the mushroom soup is one of my favorites.

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