Saturday, February 20, 2016

Bento for week 7

The last week was a bit of a hard week to find inspiration for the menu. Sometimes I have these weeks where I don't really know what to make. Especially if you want to keep the menu cheap and there is not much one sale veggie wise. There was broccoli on sale, so I made something with that and I bought a new bag of lentils because that will keep us going for a while. Anyway, I hope I will find more inspiration for next week. I am still not very inspired ;)

I made a sateh dish with the broccoli and we still had half a cauliflower left. We also added some corn. I tried a more spicy sateh sauce this time while I normally make a more sweet one. But Nick liked it, so the recipe will probably appear on the blog some time. In the other tier there is a Kenyan bean dish, that we both found really tasty with pita bread. I still need to plan the blog schedule for next week, but I will try to blog one of the recipes that I made this week.

In the left tier there is a red lentil dahl with Greek yoghurt and in the right tier a very simple potato salad with more Greek yoghurt and some lime juice. And some cucumber on top.

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