Saturday, January 23, 2016

Bento for week 03

For the bento from this week, I made 1 go to recipe and some new ones. I love that most dinner leftovers are very suitable for bento. This makes prepping really easy. I don't have much to tell for this week. I am still not doing much better on the energy part. Mainly on Thursday night, Nick's final workday I am really exhausted and emotionally drained. Combining whole days of being alone and doing more in the house is difficult to combine with my tasks for my volunteer job and my study. Next week will be the 4th week, so it should be easier from now on, in theory. I am trying to give a bit of a personal update with each week of bento or else the posts do get really short ;)

Nick too the pictures himself this week at work. When there is still daylight left after dinner, when I make the bento, I will be doing them myself again. But until then we have to deal with these iPhone4 pictures ;)

This bento is really plain. There is couscous salad on the left, and broccoli "beef" with rice on the right. In the lid are some cookies from the anime One Piece which I got at an anime convention. The recipe for the broccoli "beef" will be up two days from now.

Here is more couscous salad, which Nick spiced up with some tomato ketchup himself. In the other tier there are Indian aloo tikki pancakes with aloi sauce and tikka masala curry. And a mini cookies and cream kit-kat in the lid.

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