Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Sinterklaas: Pietenzakjes with Pumpkin and Feta

This is the last Sinterklaas related recipe that I will share this year. Unlike the two previous recipes this is a savoury snack that did it very well on the Sinterklaas celebration we had with friends. We were a bit early to celebrate but we had fun. I just snapped the picture before grabby hands ate them all. These snacks are supposed to look like the sacks that Piet uses to carry the presents for the children, but as you can see on the picture they are very misshapen. I was in doubt if I should share them at all with you, but they tasted so good, that I really had to. It is very typical of course that almost every time we try to make something pretty, we fail to do so ;) This recipe is also from Het Grote Sinterklaas Kookboek, but we adjusted the stuffing a bit to our taste.

Pietenzakjes with Pumpkin and Feta: (makes 20)
- 25 gr butter
- 200 gr pumpkin pieces (I used frozen ones)
- 150 gr feta
- handful of fresh chives
- 1 tsp speculaas spices
- 10 square dough sheets for savoury pie
- 1 egg

Heat the butter in a pan. Mix it with the pumpkin, 1 tbsp of water and a dash of salt. Cook this for about 15 minutes with a lid on the pan until the pumpkin is soft. Remove the lid and let the moisture evaporate. Make a mash from the pumpkin and spread it on a plate to cool down. 

Crumble the feta in a bowl with the speculaas spices and chives. Also add the pumpkin mash and spice it up with some (red) pepper to taste. Pre heat the oven to 180 degrees. Half the sheets of dough and spread them with the sticky side up. Scoop a spoon of pumpkin stuffing on 1 half of a piece of dough. Fold over the other half and press it close. Twist the upper side closed like a sack. 

Place some parchment paper on a baking tray and place the sacks on the paper. Cover them with an egg wash from the beaten egg. Place them in the oven for about 20 minutes.  

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