Monday, June 8, 2015

On a Budget: Potato Salad with Chilli Yoghurt Dressing

Sometimes you get the best ideas when looking in your fridge. I posted a tuna salad yesterday, and I made this salad the day after I made the tuna salad. I used a lot of the same ingredients because I has leftovers, but this salad tasted completely different. It is fun to find out how you can make a completely different dish while changing very little.

Potato Salad with Chilli Yoghurt Dressing: (serves 2)
- 200 gr small potatoes
- some cherry tomatoes
- 1/3 of a cucumber
- Few hands of lettuce
- 1 cup of Greek yoghurt
- 0.5 cup of sweet chilli sauce

Bake the potatoes. Meanwhile cut the cucumber and cut the tomatoes in half. When the potatoes are done, toss everything in a bowl. Add some hands of lettuce. Mix the chilli sauce with the yoghurt for the dressing and coat the salad with it. Enjoy :)

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