Saturday, June 6, 2015

Menu Recap Weeks 19-23

In the past years, no matter how far I was behind on my recipes, I kept up posting my weekly menu. But even that went down the drain in the past weeks. So today I will post a recap of what we ate in the past weeks. But I will only post the things that I still want to write about in the future. I am not sure what to do yet with the weekly menu posts. I am not a professional blogger, so I don't do this for my job. I only post when I am motivated to do so and while I enjoy blogging most of the time, sometimes I am just not motivated at all. These pictures that I post now, will give you an idea what is to come eventually recipe wise.

Tuna salad. I made this when I was home alone because Nick doesn't like tuna. I had it for lunch and dinner and served it in wraps.

Potato salad with a yoghurt chilli dressing. We made this the next day because there still were leftovers from my tuna salad. Still this tasted totally different.

Now Nick is on board with tempeh, we make it more often. This is tempeh sateh with veggies. I love this so much better that tofu.

Before I stopped eating meat, I sometimes bought these potato dishes in the frozen section. I haven't thought about it in years. But I always loved the one with gyros. So I made my own vegetarian version.

Mild curry lasagne. This is a totally different kind of lasagne from what I normally make. Indian meets Italian.

We had leftover almond paste from the Gevulde Koeken we made. So apple handpies were an easy and tasty option :)

It had been a while since we ate gnocchi. This one has spinach and tomatoes.

We are still into Turkish recipes. So we tried this easy recipe for broad beans. Tasty and budget friendly.

This pasta dish with spinach feta and lots of garlic we first ate at a friend's house, but was soon made again because it taste so good!

I used leftovers to make a rice salad for lunch. With strawberries, tomatoes, cucumber and feta.

For our 6 year anniversary Nick and I had lunch at Bagels and Beans. We don't do this often enough ;)

This Mexican themed salad we only ate a few days ago. I just loved this salad. This might even become my new favorite.

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