Sunday, March 29, 2015

Menu for week 12 and 13

It is time for one of those double menu posts ;) Last Sunday we had the Abunai staff meeting, so I wasn't able to blog and due to wonky internet, I wasn't able to blog much at all in the past week, which is a shame, because now the remaining Ostara recipes will be posted even later. But so be it. In the past week we didn't eat at home 3 times. This has to be a record ;) Atm I can't sleep so I decided to work on today's to-do list and sleep some more later on. So blogging at half past 7 makes perfect sense ;)

Monday: Sometimes things don't go as planned and you make a recipe that didn't turn out like you had hoped and you need to make something else on the spot. We tried to make a new couscous recipe but ended up eating two days our of our freezer. Spinach, potatoes and fish on day 1.

Tuesday: And left over vegetarian spaghetti bolognese from last week on day two. It didn't look pretty when it comes out of the freezer, but I am glad we still had something to eat in there ;)

Wednesday: Pancakes with spinach filling. I loved this recipe. So fitting for spring :)

Thursday and Friday: Pea and ricotta pasta. Another spring recipe for Ostara. I loved this as well, but it didn't keep well until the next day. The creamyness was all gone. So this is a one day recipe when we make it again.

Saturday Lunch: Because it was officially Ostara then, this was our lunch. Avocado and egg on pita's, yum!!

Saturday: Homemade lahmacun. This has become one of our go to weekend recipes. Easy, but not too bad for you because of the amount of tomatoes in the dish.

Sunday: After the staff meeting, we ended up at our friends place and ordered some kapsalon. I had one with falafel, homemade fries and lots of veggies.

Monday: Green bean and tomato tajine. Lovely! Recipe will surely follow.
Tuesday: We went to my mom's for macaroni but I forgot to take a picture :(
Wednesday: More tomato tajine. We originally had this planned for two days, but when we went to my mom, I shuffled the menu around ;)

Thursday: Dinner at Donatello's, an Italian restaurant. We had a discount coupon and I ordered salmon, which tasted great!. Nick had a pizza.

Friday: Turnip top mashpot. We originally had this planned for Wednesday, but it got pushed back. I am so happy that the spring veggies are slowly making their way to the market again. I have to try other recipes with turnip tops too.

Saturday: Minced "meat" pancakes. Officially they need to be smaller, but Nick, who did the baking didn't feel like making small ones that day ;)

Well that was it, for the past weeks. I hope you all had more sleep than I did ;)

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