Monday, February 23, 2015

FoodBlogSwap: Polpette di Melanzane (Eggplant Balls)

For the monthly foodblogswap I had to cook something from Cucina Casalinga. This is a blog with authentic Italian recipes for people with diabetes. I love to try Italian inspired recipes, even though not all are always authentic and there were several recipes I would like to make. I have biscotti still high on my list to try. However I choose to make a snack recipe instead. Even though you can also serve these eggplant balls with a good tomato sauce and pasta (which I will probably do another time). I choose this recipe because we love to snack in the weekends, but the vegetarian snack options are still fairly limited in the supermarket. Often we end up with the same stuff or making our own, and this seemed like a good idea, because we both love eggplant. We didn't get them to be as perfectly round, but they still tasted great and we will make them more often. Because we always take pictures on the go and we made them on a Saturday evening, sadly the pic didn't turn out too great.

Polpette di Melanzane (Eggplant Balls): (about 30)
- 2 eggplants
- 2 eggs
- a handful grated Parmigano
- a handful breadcrumbs
- 1 clove of garlic
- salt, pepper and parsley to taste
- oil for deep frying

Bring a large pan with water to a boil. Wash and dry the eggplants and cut them into small cubes. Cook them for about 15 minutes. Drain the eggplant and leave to cool down in a colander to drain the access moist. When the eggplant has cooled down, grab a handful of eggplant at a time and press out as much moist as you can.
Place all the remaining ingredients (except the oil for deep frying) in a bowl and mix in the eggplant. The mixture should not be to wet nor to dry. If you try to roll the balls they should be firm and stick easily. You can always add more cheese or breadcrumbs if needed. Roll balls from the mixture. We had about 30.
For deep frying everyone uses their own method. I always use sunflower oil because it is cheap and a bit more healthy. Heat the oil in a large pan. You know the oil is hot enough when you drop a small piece of bread and that crunches up nicely. Deep fry the balls in batches for a couple of minutes for each batch until they are crispy on the outside and golden brown.

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