Sunday, November 23, 2014

Menu for week 47

I am very happy because I managed to blog every day for the past week so I could make a small dent in my backlog of recipes :) I hope I will be able to continue this for next week as well, but because it is a school week, I need to find the time to write in advance. Anyway: this week's menu is a bit different because we didn't have dinner at home this week, twice!

Sunday: Home made red pesto. This is something that we wanted to try for a long time. We used it to make the dish below and the leftover we used in pesto-mascarpone toasties.

Sunday and Monday: Fish dish with red pesto and courgette. We thought it would be enough for 2 days, but it really wasn't. So we ate it as a side dish the 2nd day.

Wednesday Baking: Chocolade Kruidnoten Cake. Yum! Recipe to come.

Tuesday and Wednesday: Crustless Broccoli and potato quiche. This quiche tasted lovely and held it's shape well. Recipe to come.

Thursday: Baked potatoes with creamy spinach and egg and fish fingers.

Friday: We had some work for Abunai to do, so we ate at another staffmember's house. This is nasi, sateh sauce and kroepoek. The was also an fried egg, but that appeared after the picture was taken ;)

Saturday: We went out for dinner because my mom celebrated her birthday. We went to a wok restaurant. Because I forgot to take pictures of my own plates of food, here is the salad buffet ;) I had sushi, wokked mushrooms, broccoli and other veggies in sweet ketjap sauce and baked salmon.

Saturday: These were my desserts.

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