Sunday, November 9, 2014

Menu for week 45

Not many new recipes this week, which is okay really because I still have a huge backlog to blog. I hardly have any blogging time because Nicks pc broke and we are sharing mine now. Which means that he is on it most of the time. And the time I am actually on it, I was doing homework or work for Abunai. But the weekly menu post is something I always try to write, so here it is.

Sunday: We had pizzadella. This is a recipe that Nick found on the internet and wanted to make. He will blog this recipe somewhere in the future.

Monday Lunch: Pizza baquettes from the leftover ingredients from Sunday.

Monday and Tuesday: Pasta Alfredo, Nick's ultimate comfort pasta ;) Looks a mess here ;)

Wednesday Baking: Schuddebuikjes cake. A Dutch treat. Recipe will follow.

Wednesday: Potatoes, romanesco and faux meat with bell pepper stuffing. I didn't eat all that mayo. When Nick serves food, it is always a lot ;)

Thursday and Friday: Roti. We didn't have this in a while so it was time to make this again :)

Saturday: I went out for sushi at Sumo in Nijmegen with a friend :D So these pics are all from the restaurant. This is grilled eel roll with avocado and tamago. On the other plate is a flamed salmon nigiri.

Tuna salad and avocado maki. This would be a good one to try to make at home :)

On the front is some very interesting fusion cooking. Tuna sashimi on a nacho with guacamole and a hint of lime. Very tasty! In the back is a salmon-mango and cucumber roll. Interesting but not really my thing.

And as dessert my favorite Japanese ice cream. Black sesame. I need to find out how to make this.

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