Monday, October 27, 2014

Menu for week 43

So in the past week I haven't been home much. My mom was in the hospital so dinner had to be quick and easy. Luckily Nick cooked. We ate leek almost the whole week because it was on sale. But we only tried one new recipe and relied on easy favourites for the rest of the week.

Sunday: We had a friend over and he wanted to eat something with fruit. We made a curry Korma from Patak's with pineapple, bell pepper, sweet potato, beans and apple.

Monday and Tuesday: Pasta ovendish with ricotta and leek.

Wednesday and Thursday: Quiche with leek, pesto and ricotta. (recipe to come)

Friday Baking: Chocolate-Ricotta cake. Yes, we ate a lot of ricotta next to the leek. I tried to make a very economical menu. And because we only needed a few spoonfuls for each recipe, we made this cake with the rest of it.

Friday and Saturday: Foe Yong Hai with noodles and beans.

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