Sunday, October 19, 2014

Menu for week 41 & 42

I wasn't very motivated to blog in the past week. There is a lot going on. I will try to blog a few posts and schedule them for next week. For now: let's have a look at what we ate :)

Sunday: we had a board meeting from Abunai and we one of the board members cooked for us! There was chicken too, but she made these eggs for me :)

Monday Baking: Apple sauce cake (recipe to come)

Tuesday: Mashpot with white and green beans. Some veggie sausages on the side :)

Wednesday: Tomato, spinach and eggs ovendish. Needs some tweaking.

Thursday & Friday: Mac & veggies ovendish. Was great, but we would have liked more sauce.

Saturday: Baked potatoes, red cabbage and faux meat.

Sunday Baking: I really had a craving for these speculaas brownies, so we baked them!

Sunday: One of our go to weekend meals. Jamie's fish with sweet potato fries and basil mayonnaise.

Monday Treat: We went to the city centre and we sat down for a cup of tea. I had a donut with my tea ;)

Monday and Tuesday: Inspired by the meal earlier in this post, we made our sajoer beans with a new recipe for Indonesian Eggs. Recipes eggs is to come.

Wednesday Lunch: Turkish Egg on bread. Recipe to come.

Wednesday: Soupy Mashpot with endive, sweet potatoes, feta and sundried tomatoes. The endive was a bit wetter than expected so our mash turned soupy. Still tasty.

Thursday and Friday: Another Turkish dish :) I blogged the recipe in the past week. It is the bulgur in tomato sauce.

Saturday Baking: Something savoury this week so I have something with me to snack on the go during next week. Courgette and basil muffins. (recipe to come)

Saturday: Mexican kapsalon. No I didn't eat this huge portion. (recipe to come)

As for next week. My mom will be hospitalised. Of course we will be very busy. So we will have a very easy menu which will involve a lot of leek ;) It is on sale for 1 kg for 1 euro ;)

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