Sunday, July 6, 2014

Menu for week 27

This week was quite busy, with me preparing the last bits and pieces for school. But my vacation started now! Even though things will still be busy enough as it is ;)

Sunday Lunch: Home made bread with a spiced up pizza hummus. We just bought some hummus and added some extra flavour.

Sunday: Sweet Potato Risotto. Nick just made this up himself. I hope he has time to blog the recipe.

Sunday Baking: Blondies. I needed some comfort baking and this recipe is tasty and easy. Immi, ate most of them when she visited the next day ;)

Monday: Oven baked spaghetti. Immi dropped by and we originally planned for two days, but now we ate with the 3 of us. The recipe was good, but needs some tweaking.
Tuesday: This was my last day at school and I ended up with half a spinach pizza. I was so tired that I forgot to take a picture.

Wednesday: Mackerel pasta salad. I had this originally planned for lunch, but Nick had a work meeting so I made a larger portion for dinner as well.

Thursday and Friday: Zucchini and corn pancakes (recipe to come)

Saturday: Chimmichurri, just from a box. This is the only meal that we still make with the mix because we actually prefer it ;)

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