Saturday, June 21, 2014

Menu for week 24 & 25

I am one day early, but I have time and feel like writing this now :D I decided to show the menu from the past two weeks, because I had made the pics anyway :) The weekend of animecon was a bit weird food wise and I don't have too many pictures of those days. The past week was pretty average though. We ate mainly simple because we were still very tired.

Sunday: Salmon Teriyaki (it was soooo long since I last ate this! Recipe to come)

Monday and Tuesday: Potato salad (recipe to come)

Wednesday and Thursday: Pataks Curry with naan

Friday - Sunday: On Friday eve we had store bought quiches and ate in the car. This was our breakfast on Saturday and Sunday. On Saturday eve I had sushi and Sunday we went through the McDrive on our way home.

Monday and Tuesday: Pasta alfredo.

Wednesday Lunch: Carrot pancakes

Wednesday: Baked potatoes, spinach, fish fingers

Thursday: Broccoli & spinach quiche

Friday: baked potatoes, peas and meat replacement thingy.

Saturday: Peach and basil risotto (recipe to come)

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