Sunday, May 25, 2014

Menu for week 21

I have a full menu and a lot of pictures this week! Yay! We made a lot of yummy stuff and tried new stuff. Of course we also baked. I love this new weekly tradition! Anyway on to the menu!

Sunday: I visited my mom and ate nasi but I forgot to take a picture.

Monday Drink: It was very warm that day and we made banana milk from World Food Cafe 3.

Monday and Tuesday: Couscous salad

Wednesday and Thursday Lunch: Pasta & tuna salad (recipe to come)

Wednesday: Asparagus soup, good taste but weird texture, because of some threads in there.

Wednesday: Cream cheese spread with sundried tomatoes on cornbread for with the soup (recipe to come)

Thursday and Friday: Tortellini with mushroom cream sauce (recipe to come)

Saturday Baking: Lime-coconut cake (recipe to come)

Saturday: Edamame Burgers (recipe to come)

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